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Theme Music
Nothing can beat a catchy tune in a memorable theme to help people
recall your company's name whenever they hear it played. With such
theme music and catchy lyrics, folks wil go around humming your
company's name and info without even realizing it.  Having that perfect
tune and lyrics created by qualified musicians is the key to a
successful jingle.
At WriteSongs4You.com, you can choose the musicans and
songwriters that you feel will best fit your theme music needs.  We
will keep sending you copies of lyrical and musical ideas till they
meet with your approval. We will then make you a custom CD with
your chosen words and music in a jingle you may use for
broadcasting or any other advertising purposes.
Your custom theme music or jingle could be used for television or
radio advertising.  Currently we have a customer who broadcasts old
radio shows and plays our original jingles for program identification
between radio show broadcasts.   Your custom theme music could
be used in this way or in advertising your product or service.
Professional Theme Music from WriteSongs4You

Most other songwriting services have small staffs to write theme
music for their customers.  WriteSongs4You,gives you a choice of
talented singers and musicians to perform your theme music. You
get to approve all lyrics and music while they're still in the making.  
You are ensured that the music, lyrics and performers you choose
will create the perfect theme music for you.
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