Custom Music

People often choose a greeting card at the last minute
without putting much thought into the choice of greeting..
This often leaves the recipient, who might be someone
very special, feeling unimpressed and wondering how
much you really care.  You can give your someone special
a very unique, creative gift showing just what you really
feel for him/her.

You could make an upcoming special occasion really
special by giving a gift of custom music in a song
personalized just for your special person.  It could be a gift
he or she would cherish forever as they play the song over
and over.  You don't even need any talent for writing or
performing songs to give such an original gift of custom

Custom Music for Any Occasion

WriteSongs4You offers personalization of our pre-written
songs or even writing an entirely new song for your special
person.   Professional musicians will work with you to
create the perfect song based on your ideas.  We can
write lyrics for music you have already written or create
music based on your original lyrics.  We can even  create
a totally original song to express your thoughts.

You have the choice of downloading your song in MP3
format or receiving a beautiful original compact disk with
you personalized message on the label and a photo if you
so choose.  It will be in a jewel case and we may mail it to
you or to your someone special.  What gift could be more
unique and special than a gift of custom music, a personal
song for your special someone?
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Personalized songs and greetings to send instead of a greeting card or for a unique gift for
weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Hanukkah, all special

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