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Bar And Bat Mitzvah
A Jewish child's Bar or Bat  Mitzvah ceremony is one of the most
significant moments in his or her young life.  In the eyes of the Jewish
adults in his or her congregation and to the Jews of the world, it
proclaims his or her passage  to full maturity for participation in all
religious services. This is a happy day of celebration for the child,
his/her  friends and family.  Besides the party  food and music, many
gifts will be given to the young person.  This gift could be a beautiful
song on personalized CD with his or her name being sung in the song
with references to his or her own family gathered round.  It would be a
gift to cherish always.
On our website you will find some beautiful bar and bat mitzvah songs.  
The songs can be customized to fit the circumstances of each bar or bat
mitzvah child so they will feel you had the songs written just for them.  
This CD would make a wonderful, unique gift.  Or you may choose to
purchase a generic version of the song that you can download and add
to the music played for the reception.  A generic songcard on CD with
personalized label can be given in place of a greeting card along with a
gift.  For little more than the cost of a paper card, you will receive a CD
that can be played again and again.
Special Song for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah
Although our personalized songs are already written and recorded, we
will sing the name you choose into the song.   We can modify the lyrics to
match your circumstances such as  "reading from the Torah" to "reading
her haftorah" for orthodox Bat Mitzvahs.  We will also change family
references to match the family situation such as changing "mother and
father" to "all of the family" or whatever you prefer. That's how this very
special gift becomes even more unique and special.  Of course you will
also be given an opportunity to hear your personalized song online to
decide if it is exactly as you expected befofre the final CD is recorded
and sent to you or the recipient.
Bar And Bat Mitzvah Articles and Resources
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Personalized songs and greetings to send instead of a greeting card or for a unique gift for weddings, bar/bat
mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Hanukkah, all special occasions.
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