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A Website hosted by Judy Miller - Singer/Songwriter
I wanted to have a website that would give my musician friends and myself an outlet
for our creativity.   This seemed like a wonderful way to have our music heard and
give the public an opportunity to enjoy customized songs that they might use for
special occasions, advertising or just for fun.

My musician friends are from all over the world and bring their diverse skills and
talents to this website because they want to be heard and they do deserve to be
heard.  Not every musically talented person is famous.  You'll be amazed at the fine
musicianship you'll hear on these pages.  Just click on a name and enjoy.
To hear us perform, just click on the name below a picture.
Judy has been performing on stage since age 5 and still loves being in front of a large
audience.  She has written  lyrics for many years, but is primarily a singer of jazz, Broadway,
pop. A Finalist in the Baby Genius Opportunity (looking for children's songs), she signed a
contract with Vigor Studios to use her recording of "True Love" on a PBS documentary
"Defining - True Love," a documentary for Valentine's Day. Twice a "Sweet Sixteen Finalist"
on MakeAStar.com, she has a  BA in Music /Voice from. SF State . Judy sang professionally
with Rama Music Co. in San Francisco and performed Broadway -type shows with American
Music Theater Academy In SF Bay Area and Sierra Repertory Co. in Sonora, CA. Judy sings
harmony to just about anything.
Hear more of Judy's songs at:  http://www.Soundclick.com/judymiller
Click on her name to hear "True Love" - lyrics by Judy, music by RThomson
Jerry Allen a vivacious, charismatic performer was trained in classical piano 2 years. With
his natural ear for music soon began improvising and found he could play any song he
knew. He started writing his own music at age 17 and hasn’t stopped. He majored in voice
and piano at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.and has performed in many venues in his
home state of Maine and elsewhere. Now living in Easton, PA, he  has recorded 4 CD’s: “It’s
Just Love”, “Secret Rhythm” “Merry Christmas from Jerry Allen”, and most recently “Beyond
The Horizon” (you can buy this on Amazon or CD Baby). Jerry is eager to explore the
opportunities that WriteSongs4U has presented. Jerry now has his own website at:
www.jerryallenmusic.com You can hear more of Jerry's music at these websites:  
http://www.lulu.com/jerryallen  -  http:/www.talentmatch.com/jerryallen
Click on Jerry's name to hear him sing  "Nikki's Song" words & music by Jerry,
played and arranged by Tom Rae.
I am very honoured to be invited by Judy to join this elite band of musicians and singer song
writing talent. Thanks to Computers I finally found the means to make my own recordings
and in 2001 I had a solo Album called Midnight released in Spain. I am awaiting the arrival of
the hard copy of an agreed contract for a TV Film Company in Florida and currently working
on the incidental music for a Radio Production in Australia.
 Hear more of Gerry's music
Click on his name to hear a sample of his singing "Pantomime of Love" - words by
Ron Boyte, music by Gerry
At 9, Jack played bass in his step-fathers band.  At 14, with his own band, played rhythm
guitar and sang  lead in Georgia. Jack continued his music during US Army service with his
band "Cross Country Jams," receiving recognition and awards for performing  in South

Jack now writes songs as well as performing them.  If you like country, you’ll like Jack.  Hear
his album "Feelin’ Like Merle Livin’ Like Hank" at
http://www.soundclick.com/paulgary.  It
can be purchased at
Click on Jack's name to hear him sing  "Wishing You Were Here" lyrics by Ron
Boyte and Music by Tom Rae
Writing poetry and songs from the age of nine, Karen's still at it.  She studied dance and
thought that was her calling until she sang on stage for the first time at  age sixteen. Wow!!!
As she always told her children " You are destined for greatness!" .She still feels her dreams
can be reached, it just might take a lifetime.  Greatest musical influences are the poets. She
loves writings that tell a story. The Eagles (Don Henley, especially) James Taylor, Bon Jovi.
Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Carol King, to name a few. Also inspired by vocalists  Jewel, Lea
Salonga,  Olivia Newton-John and Sara McLaughlin.
Karen says, "I would love to do something with my music and writing and of course my
singing as far as a profession goes. You can never be too old for that, right? "
Click on Karen's name to hear her sing the song she wrote after her father died.
Music by Victor Patron.
Singer/songwriter Bree Noble can perform everything from opera to rock 'n roll and Bree
has written or co-written most of her music. She began playing piano and singing at age
6. With a degree in classical voice from Westmont College in Santa Barbara,CA., she has
toured with bands singing and playing keyboard.  She has made a few cd's and had some
newspaper articles written about her many talents.  Bree now has her own website and
you can read more about her and hear some of her fantastic music at
At age 10, Nate has had quite a bit of singing experience.  His mother and grandmother are
both singers so he comes by it naturally.  Nate is currently a member of the Contra Costa
County Children's Chorus.  He has also soloed in several school performances.  Nate is an
actor too and loves to be on stage.  He sings some of the children's birthday songs for us.
Click on Nate's name to hear him sing Eyes of a Child with lyrics by Constance
Howe and music by Robert Thomson
Katy, age 12, is already an accomplished musician, who plays piano, violin and saxophone.  
She leads a very busy musical life, being involved with junior orchestras, string quartets and
solo performance, as well as choirs.
If you ask her what she wants to be when she’s older, she’ll say something like “Astronaut”
or “Astronomer”, but it’s fairly certain that she’ll be able to fall back on music as a way to
cruise the stars.
Click on Katy's name to hear her sing the Leprechaun birthday song with music
and lyrics by Robert Thomson
Tom Rae is a versatile musician who can write in just about any style you care to come up
with.   You may hear his music on TV/Radio/Film,  as he writes in all sorts of genres, on
demand,  for companies which supply music to the media industry.He’s also written songs for
two musicals;  one by Constance Howe, entitled “Children of the Sun”, and another, in
conjunction with the Franchesa Group called “The Golden Horn”.

Tom says, “Writesongs4you is a challenging opportunity,  and I’m delighted to have been
asked to contribute.”
Click on Tom's name to hear a collage of musical stylings by him.
A composer/songwriter known as Pianosam with many good songs in his repetoire after
playing and composing music for the past 50 years. He’s written over 2000 songs including
a musical score based on Mark Twain’s “The Prince And The Pauper”and “Oscar the
Mouse,”  a mini children’s musical—children love it.  He wrote the lyrics as well as the music.
Pianosm now has his own website where you can hear a lot more of his music.
www. http://www.piano-sam.com  Click on his name to hear Judy Miller sing
"DreamMaker" with music and lyrics by R Thomson.
Our Lyricists
Lyricist by nature, wordsmith by fault.
I write, sentences, lines and sometimes more. Several composers have sampled my wares
and I'm proud they found my rather eccentric lyrics merited their attention.  
Hear more of
Ron's songs at:
Click on his name to hear "My Heart Remembers" Ron's lyrics, RThomson music,
sung by Judy Miller
I am thrilled to be a part of this musical wonderland.  Hope you enjoy the incomparable  
Mokulani Young singing "Wedding Bell Waltz"--Howe/Young.

Constance Howe collaborated with Mokulani Young to produce “Galaxy of Love” in Hawaii,
an album nominated for Hokus (Hawaiian Grammy’s).  Composers Tom Rae, Robert
Thomson and Mokulani Young have each  contributed their genius to the musical, “Children
of the Sun.
Click on her name to hear "Wedding Bells" with lyrics by Constance
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Customized, personalized song greetings for all occasions:  weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvah,
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