Frequently Asked Questions
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1. Why stream the songs at two speeds (hi fi and lo fi)?
The best quality is heard at hi fi, (192kbs) but folks with dialup connections cannot
stream the music fast enough to hear it without constant interruption.  The low fi
connections  (24kbs) are not as good of quality, but can be played smoothly at even
the slowest dialup connections.  You can get a good idea what the song sounds like
with a lo fi connection, but all purchased songs are recorded in hi fi (192kbs) and will be
of the best quality.
2. What is a PREMIUM song?
Customized songs are both regular and premium depending on the length of the song
and the complexity of the musical arrangement.  Songs that are over three minutes in
length or involve more than one singer and/or many instruments playing, will be
premium.  Premium songs will be indicated.  Please be aware if you are ordering a
premium song when you place your order.
3. When I click on a "listen" button, nothing happens.  How can I listen to the
If your media player is Apple's QuickTime, the streaming won't work.  You can download
Windows MediaPlayer free.  Just
click here.  Or RealPlayer free, just click here.  If your
player program opens up but you still cannot hear, you should check your speaker
connections and sound card.
4. What is an MP3?  MP3 is the format used for storing music data files.  They are
compressed files so they won't be too large to transmit across the internet.  It is the
format used for folks to download music from the internet or to send music files to each
other.  The smaller files send fewer data bits per second (i.e. 24kbs) and are of lower
quality (lo fi) while the larger files send many more data bits per second (i.e. 192kbs)
and are of much higher quality when played back (192kbs).
5. What do I get if I order an MP3 file and what can I do with it?  You wil receive
an MP3 file of the songcard (in hifi quality 192kbs) that you ordered and it will be
attached to an email or we will send you an email with a link to a page where you just
click on "download" and the file starts downloading to your computer.  After the file is on
your computer, you just double-click on it and your media player program will start
playing your songcard.  If you have a CD-W or CD/DVD-W, you can make your own
audio CD of the song by just using your CD audio create program and dragging the
MP3 file into the directory.
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Customized, personalized song greetings for all occasions:  weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvah,
Christmas and Hanukkah.  If you don't see it here, call our toll free number and we'll talk about writing a custom
greeting for your specific need.  If we can use the song on our site again, we'll just charge you the rates quoted on
this site. (i.e. $29.95 for mp3 to download}
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